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The registration on, and mobile application is ISK 32.000 with tax, or ISK 39.680. This fee is only paid once!.
That includes i) the name of the restaurant + ii) address + iii) phone number iv) website information v) price information vi) location on a map vii) link to a website and social media of the restaurant and more.
Please feel free to sign up and you will be listed on a webpage with approx. 4000 visits every week!
If you choose to add on extra 3 keywords, which we highly recommend the price is ISK 37.000 with tax or ISK 45.880. We will then be in touch with you soon regarding the choice of keywords.
If business logo added, it´s costs ISK 12.000.
Additional keywords cost ISK 2.000.

For more exclusive package go to and which include logo, text in Icelandic and English, more keywords, reviews, photos from the restaurant and more.
Contact us through Email or phone 511 2707.

Please register your information below and we will contact you shortly.

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a) Transfer payment into account 0513-26-12707, ssn. 611299-4789. Confirmation should be sent to the email veitingastadir@veitingastadir.isincluding social security number for the business.
b) We then post the invoice quickly after payment.

Notice! The registration will not appear until payment has been received.

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