About The Company

The Websites Veitingastadir.is and Restaurants.is launched in August 2006 and are therefore 16 years old this year. They include information on most major and better restaurants in Iceland and enable users to search conveniently in this list of restaurants. On Facebook, we write about restaurants, but they also connect to accommodation in the country and travel – recreation. Sometimes we also display videos. 

The website is run by Netid Consultancy ltd.  Id. 611299-4789, a company that, among other things, works on various consultancy and marketing projects. 

We also released the Visitor’s Guide travel books for 17 years or until 2016, a named website, information folders and more. We own those domains and trademarks abroad and you can follow travel stories abroad on Facebook under Visitorsguidetravel.

Our friends on the Veitingastadir.is Facebook page are over 17 thousand, you may like to invite your friends.

The company’s Managing Director and principal owner is Hakon Thor Sindrason,  M.Sc. Business Economy.

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